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Temperature to 1400°F / 760°C

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Excellent Thermal Performance: HITLIN™ E-glass Industrial Insulation can dramatically reduce heat loss (49% less compared to Calcium Silicate) in hot equipment and piping applications because of its exceptionally low thermal conductivity.

An Advanced Industrial Insulation Solution

"At today's energy prices, using the wrong industrial insulation can result in extremely expensive heat losses."

— Ross Rolirad , Vice President & COO

HITLIN™ Industrial Insulation - High Performance Industrial Pipe and Board Insulation is made from continuous Filament E-Glass Fibers transformed into a dense uniform mat through a mechanical needle punching process, which helps it remain flexible, yet extremely durable. This E-Glass industrial insulation product is unique to the industry, as no chemical binders are used.

HITLIN™ Industrial Insulation Offers:

Energy Efficiency

49% less heat loss than Calcium Silicate
57% less heat loss than Perlite

Major Cost Savings

Installs Easily:  Up to 60% Less labor; Less Waste; Simple Installation over Heat Tracing

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Industrial Insulation

An Advanced Insulation Solution

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The revolutionary new HITLIN™ Industrial Insulation product is priced (on a thermal basis) 30% to 40% LOWER than Calcium Silicate or Perlite. And, that is only the beginning. . .

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The Advantage

HITLIN™ Industrial Insulation offers significant savings over Calcium Silicate

  • No Hazardous “Chemical Binders”  (compared to other glass products)
  • High Temperature Applications:  760°C (1400°F) versus 650°C (1200°F) for Calcium Silicate 

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